August 27, 2009

Can I talk freely, please?

Hey everyone, thanks for waiting for the new post (Just talking to myself, and hoping there's one of you who waits for the new post. zero of you? ok). Well it's such a long time I haven't write any new post. And here is it.

So right now I'm still crazy about all the John Mayer stuffs, and a rumour said in his tweet account that he's making the new album, and I really really can't wait for that. REALLY. so, if you guys know when is he releasing the album just tell me. please, TELL ME.

Talking about my life, sometimes I feel really really lonely, and I don't know why is that happened. But, right now I think happiness is all that I feel, and I really thankful for such a joy that God has given me. Such a great family, friends, school life, and everything. Well, maybe it's not as good as it is should be, but being grateful is what makes it all looks good. Really want to enjoy my little teen life. And I really thankful that I don't have any problem right now (and I hope it won't come around). I just want to learn more of the science of having a great and successful life. Really want to reach all my goals, and I'm really thinking forward about it.

I know lots of stories about a bad life: people that thinks that their life is the worst life of all the people in the world. and they was thinkin' that their lives was such a shame life, such a catastrophe.
And I do know the stories of people that we think that their life was such a disaster, such a worst life in the entire planet, but that people think that their life was the best life on Earth.

what makes them different? the different is made by their thought, by their perspect of life. The people that thinks that their lives were the best are the people that know how to be grateful for all the things that they have in their lives. Gratitude.
and the people that thinks that their lives were the worst, are all the people that are focusing to what they don't have, not to what they have in life. they're always focusing on the problem, not the lesson that they get from the problem.

Hey I'm not being such a philosophistic none sense. just read it if you want, and pass it if you don't. it's just a lesson of life that I have read from few self-development book lol.

anyway, my guitar playing skill is developing right now. I can play a few songs right now like: Blackbird (Beatles), Stairway to heaven (led zeppelin), the heart of life (john mayer), love song for no one (john mayer), and many more! (with finger style of course). so goodbye for now