July 12, 2009

Vacation with my Buddies

so, i got day-off from school for 3 weeks of holiday. I spend my time 1 night in bogor with my classmates, 2 weeks doin' nothin in my house, and 5 days for vacation.

so the vacation that i spend with my class was really nice, soo fun, and so exhausting hahaha. the cottage that we stayed in cisarua was really nice and comfortable. they got a big garden, large rooms, and a pool too.
in day 1 we just staying in the cottage. swimming, playing some games, playing music, having a bbq, playing dance dance revolution, watching movie, and some of us just can't get enough sleep.

this is the odd part hahaha

in the pool

hmmmmmm roasted corn..

bein' together was the best part :D

G'Morning sunshine!

in Cibodas botanical garden