May 02, 2009

Must Have Fashion Items

So, a few days ago I went to the book store, and I read a book about fashion, the title is Style Clinic by Paula Reed (style director of the international award winning UK weekly fashion magazine, Grazia. Launched in 2004 it is selling over 1,000,000 copies a month and is widely acclaimed as one of the style industry’s hottest fashion books). I think it's a cool book.

anyway, here some must have fashion items for woman that i read from the book

1. White shirt

2. Denim pants, tailored pants, and a day-to-day pants

Sienna Miller Pictures, Images and Photos
tailored pants. Pictures, Images and Photos

3. Jacket (whatever kind of jacket it is)

4. Skirt (i forgot what kind of skirt it is hehe)

5. Black Dress