May 17, 2009

American Idol

Well, I like this show as always. I watch it from Ruben and Clay's season until now. And it never bores me. And it's time for the season 8 finale. Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen. Maaaaan I loooooove Kris really really much. But Adam is also though. And Simon say that Adan will be the next american idol. but i still love Kris. His appereance is simple but really nice. well no offense but adam once in the performance, wears like white tuxedo and white pants, or leather pants and jacket, denim jacket + jeans (too much i think) , or a 70's style pants, and i think he looks ridiculous haha

but i think adam's voice is really great. rocking. but somehow he looks like a.. (sorry to say) sissy
and i found a photo of him that's so embarrasing (i think) while I was searching something on google. and the article title of this photo is "Will Adam Lambert be the first gay American Idol?"
click this to see the article. i dont wannabe mean.

I really like Kris allen with his voice, his creativity, and his guitar playing. i really like when he played Heartless by kanye west, really great performance. all of his acoustic performances are great, in my opinion.

in this photo he is singing “She Works Hard For the Money” by Donna Summer - He’s doing it acoustic. but sometimes he picks a wrong song.

So who will be the winner? I don't care they both great